Our second week of Paradise Regained Festival explores nature and sustainability as we focus on how our faith or church and our community can rise to the challenges and the opportunities of the future.


Saturday 11th September

Head Hand & Heart:
Sustainable Fashion Evening
19.30 - 21.30


Safia Minney, one of Woman's Hour Power List environmentalists, presents an inspirational exploration into the colourful, creative worlds of ethical fashion. Adopting principles of slow fashion, valuing the artisans who contribute to the creativity of clothes and accessory design, reusing, repurposing, and recycling as essential features of their design ethic. She embodies for the 21st century the principles that Ruskin and Morris were championing in pushing back against the debilitating creative, personal and environmental impacts of the Industrial revolution. 


Join us for the effervescent displays of creativity of Safia and current students of The London School of Fashion and be welcomed into her take on the Arts and Crafts Movement, knowing that you’ll be contributing to positive stewardship of the planet too.  


Tickets £15 

Refreshment by donation

An award winning, international social entrepreneur, speaker and advisor, Safia has 20 years+ experience as a Global CEO of the company she founded, People Tree, developing the first sustainable and Fair Trade supply chains and standards with advisory roles with industry bodies. Safia is seen as a thought leader in sustainable fashion and influencer in Sustainability and Modern Slavery. Extensive experience in Japan, Asia and Europe. Speaks Japanese and has authored many books and documentaries and films on Fair Trade and sustainability in English and Japanese. Safia received an MBE for services to Fair Trade and Fashion industries.

Sunday 12th September

Festival Eucharist Service:
Education Sunday
11.00 - 12.15

including an exhibition of children’s work from Christ Church and Holy Trinity Schools Federation

Sunday 12th September

Eco Church
13.00 - 13.45

Eco-church – greening Holy Trinity, finding our place in environmental stewardship. As the Church of England addresses the challenges and opportunities of creating more sustainable parishes, we invite you town open discussion on how we can bring environmental stewardship to Holy Trinity.

 Ticketed event - FREE (donations welcome)

Online event from Monday 13th 

Poetry in Paradise 


The theme of Paradise Regained is explored through the poetry of Dante writing in 14th century through to Dr. Seuss in the 20th, by way of Milton, Marvell, Shelley and Blake.  


Celebrating the joys of this earthly realm, extracts from the poems of Andrew Marvell and Percy Bysshe Shelley have been selected.  And William Blake shows how through the Imagination we can perceive the divine creation and the golden thread which connects us back to the Source. In our present times, with increasing environmental degradation and extinction of species, Dr Seuss has just the poem - The Lorax Tree - for young people, showing how each can make a difference by preserving and planting one remaining seed.   

Each of these poets look at Paradise on Earth and the natural world of which we are part, the Paradise within, and the Paradise yet to be gained, if we are only awake and 'tend our garden'.

Filmed in Holy Trinity by Greenbank Films and delivered by members of Holy Trinity community the poems will be available from our website up to the end of our Festival on Sunday 26th September.  Open access to all online and donations are very welcome.

Friday 10th, 17th, 24th September

Paradise Regained - Online Art Workshops
10.30 - 12.00 

An exploration of colour and composition with artist Lily Corbett Gale


Inspired by the visionary 20th Century artist and teacher, Cecil Collins RA, Tate Gallery has a number of his paintings


‘Paradise’ is a place of ‘Perfection. Beauty and Truth’


'Paradise unmasks you. Our relationship with our Source is the most important thing in Life' Cecil Collins  


About the workshops 


At the beginning of each session there will be notebook colour studies based on 'Triadic Colour Harmony' and also mark-making from the 'Language of Drawing' both taught by Cecil Collins RA.  This will encourage students to make a book of colour harmony and mark making studies on their own into the future.  


I shall include some quotes about Paradise and the Imagination for contemplation and there will be some music and movement - the movement can be done seated.  


These studies lead up to a painting based on the theme of ‘A Return to Paradise,'


I shall work with the class throughout and they will be able to see my desk filmed on a second camera.  I shall invite those that would like to, to show their work at the end of each session. We may go a little overtime with the sharing and the feedback I can give. 


To get the most from these classes participants are encouraged to attend the three workshops although they are also stand alone. 


Tickets online – £15 per workshop class

Friday 17th September

The Twelve:
Wisdom and Nature
19.00 - 20.30

A film screening with discussion.

Le Ciel Foundation (Wisdom and Nature)  - The Twelve Film - which gives a voice to the wisdom traditions of 12 Spiritual Elders from around the globe called to the United Nations, speaking on the importance of Listening to ourselves, our Past, and the World around us.

By Film-maker Lucy Martens  

member of Le Ciel Foundation present at this event