The beauty of holiness

Available from Friday 18 September

Gerard Brown in conversation with Peyton Skipworth


Video available 18 Sept.

The beauty of Holiness: Holy Trinity - a story of resilience

1 hour

A discussion with historian and Holy Trinity biographer, Peyton Skipworth on the rich history of resilience of our church in this its 125th year.

Holy Trinity was forged out of grief as Lady Cadogan commissioned the new church in 1888 in response to the tragically untimely death of her young son.

Since then the church has witnessed pandemics, two world wars, bomb damage and threats of destruction from developers.

Yet 2020 sees it in an unprecedented period of that long and often challenged history.

How has Holy Trinity weathered these storms and what does that tell us about faith, strength, community, and passion in overcoming adversity.

Moderator: Gerard Brown

Gerard sits on the Holy Trinity Arts & Crafts Festival’s curation team.

By profession he is a Creative Director working with businesses and organisations on live events around the world.