The world will be saved by beauty

Holy Trinity Sloane Street

Arts & Crafts Festival 2020

18 - 20 September

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About the Festival

This new annual festival takes Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, once
described by Sir John Betjeman as ‘the cathedral of the Arts &
Crafts’, as a departure point to explore the ideals and implications
of one of the most influential design movements of modern times.
Each year the festival will seek to articulate the socio-political
drive for reform that underpinned the Arts & Crafts Movement’s
social agenda, celebrate the exquisite craftsmanship in all creative
disciplines that became its significant legacy, understand its
symbiotic relationship with the Catholic Revival in the Church of
England and provide a platform for all these themes to speak into
our contemporary context.

Holy Trinity Church bestrides the aesthetic and the spiritual - the
twin drivers of the Arts & Crafts movement that forged its voice in
the philosophy of social reformer, John Ruskin and found its eye in
the work of designer, William Morris. It is their conviction that
‘art is the expression of man’s pleasure in labour’ that provides the
frame for our festival.

This year has been an unprecedented one that none of us anticipated back at in dark days of January.

In those early weeks of calm before the storm Father Nicholas shared with us his mission for Holy Trinity.

Our 2020 Festival with endeavour to be themed around reflections of beauty as suggested in those sermons at the start of 2020 by Father Nicholas, Father Grant and Bishop Michael.

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2020 UPDATE: Joseph Goodhart & Sophie Lant

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