Paradise regained

Arts & Crafts

Festival 2021

September 4th - 26th


"Nature's own work it seemed,

Nature-taught Art"

John Milton, Paradise Regained

For so many of us 2020 was a year of grief and forfeiture. When the history books are written it will be the year we lost. Yet amidst the personal stories of loss and hardship one element shone brightly through the shadows and that was the rediscovery of the sheer joy, energy and healing powers of nature.


John Ruskin knew only too well the power of the natural world in its defiant contrast to the brutal and damaging dark realities of the Industrial Revolution. Ruskin was the original environmentalist and his advocacy of nature’s ability to heal was a significant driver in his philosophy that led to the values of the Arts & Crafts movement.


Ruskin would have approved of Dostoevsky’s belief that ‘the world will be saved by beauty’, a belief that inspires our own mission here at Holy Trinity church in Sloane Street, described by the poet John Betjeman as ‘the cathedral of the Arts & Crafts’. 


Our fifth Arts & Crafts Festival this September goes under the prescient title of Paradise Regained. The three-week Festival explores that original Ruskin ecological philosophy through our own contemporary concerns in a three-week Festival that will focus on themes of environment, nature and sustainability through a celebratory series of discussions, music, dance, workshops, fashion, poetry, theology and of course worship.


Fuller details of our 2021 Festival will be released in June so keep the dates in your diary and look out for more event information and booking opportunities.      

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